We are not the biggest and cheapest but we are technology driven and a profitable company with strong quality principle with continues growth. Importance for our continues growth is our knowledge, prompt services and listening to our customers and suppliers needs is our strongest added value and ultimate aim is to supply a proper contribution for any issue or problem using proven techniques or the latest new ones.

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Organization Profile

On January 2007, was incorporated as a private limited company -jointly owned by the YOUNG BROTHERS CORPORATION with the primary intention of taking up commercial scale semi-processing of GARNET.

After a gap of about 4 years, PG market its EQUIMENT FOR BLASTING AND PAINTING under YOUNG BROTHERS CORPORATION. We are exclusive distributor for GRITCO BV, HASCO KOREA, COSMOSTAAR TAIWAN, BULLARD USA units with Corporate Office in BERJAYA PAARK, SHAH ALAM. PG is a profitable company since 2007 with its sales turnover reaching a peak exceeding US$2.5 million in 2010-11, with export garnet above RM750.000.00.

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PG Supreme Garnet is mined from Almandine mineral deposit sources on the coastal stretch of south India. The Almandine Garnet is the heaviest and hardest of the all the garnet types in its own group, which makes it an ideal abrasive grain for various industrial applications.

PG Supreme Garnet is mined as a gemstone and as an industrial mineral, but it is valued primarily for its many industrial applications. Almandine Garnet grains are the most versatile natural blasting & cutting medium available in the international market today. Its inherent physical and chemical uniformity ensures better performance and its repeatability makes it ideally suitable for the blasting industry. Garnet is gradually displacing the other substitute blasting media because of its environment friendly utility and reusability thus eliminating the health risks associated with other conventional blasting media.

PG Supreme Garnet is available in a range of tightly screened abrasive blasting products to suit every application and site requirement.

12/40 Mesh: One of the most preferred products for multi-media-water-filtration systems. It can also be used for specialized application where excessive surface profiling is required or very high built coating systems are to be removed. 
Surface Profile: 100-150 microns.

20/40: It is an abrasive that can be utilized for heavy-duty coating removal. It’s recyclability and nominal production rates makes it one of the most preferred repair-grade abrasives.
Surface profile: 75-100 micron.

20/60 Mesh: It is the most cost effective and excellent abrasive of its kind. Its repeatability makes it suited for fast and efficient removal of existing coatings when compared to other traditionally used abrasive medium. 
Surface profile: 50-90 microns.

30/60 Mesh: It is perfect for all types of blasting applications including, removing existing coating, rust and other contamination. The world’s most popular Garnet Blasting Abrasive Grade, it is an ideal choice for superior surface preparation for new steel prior to tank coating, for pipelines-both internal and external, fabricated steel and structures, etc. Also used for effective removal of mill scale, it is the most preferred as a Slurry- Blast Grade and High Pressure Hydro-Blasting Abrasive. 
Surface Profile: 50-75 microns.

80 Mesh: Possessing highest efficiency on new steel/mill scale due to highest grain count per weight/volume makes it an ideal choice for surface preparation of Aluminium and non-ferrous surfaces.

120 Mesh: Utilized for surface preparation of stainless steel and Aluminum where minimum surface roughness is

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